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Facebook & Instagram Marketing is one of the most effective methods of generating traffic and quality conversions to your social media page and website. Above all, this is the best solution to attract all kinds of new customers to your Facebook page and website such as local customers that live near your shop or office or global customers.

Facebook Advertising & Instagram Marketing in Toronto, Canada delivers instant traffic by placing your ads on your targeted customer’s news feeds. We offer a one-time fee only, no hidden charges and there is no percentage charge on your conversions.

We provide high quality and affordable solutions to our clients. The cost is very low so that anyone can start Facebook Advertising & Instagram Marketing campaigns easily. You can target new customers, remarket your old customers and your competitors’ audience as well. There are a lot of varieties in displaying your ads so don’t wait and buy our services to boost your business on Facebook & Instagram.

Features of Facebook & Instagram Marketing

  • Setting up Facebook & Instagram Marketing account
  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Competitor’s analysis
  • Setting up Facebook & Instagram Marketing campaign
  • Two Ad sets
  • Four ads available in each Ad set
  • Design a variety of ad formats such as Photo, Video, Carousel, Slideshow and Collection
  • Create shopping ads for your ecommerce online store
  • Create Advert formats for specific objectives such as Lead adverts, Dynamic adverts or Link adverts
  • Ad Placements on Facebook desktop and mobile news feed, Facebook right column, Instagram mobile news feed or Audience Network.
  • Show your Facebook ads to the right audience
    1. Create a custom audience by demographic, interest, behavior, age, gender, location or language
    2. Create a custom audience by your client’s email list, website traffic, app activity or Facebook page engagement
    3. Target users who are already interested in your products or services by Retargeting
  • Establish a good bidding strategy according to your campaign goal
  • Conversion tracking
  • Performance report after one week
  • Additional features upon request after consultation

  1. Mark Scott

    They are managing my digital marketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Nice work. Thanks.

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